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PixGallery for Unix

Having trouble with PixGallery? I’m a noob, but I was able to flail my way through it and get it working…

Jamie Reid who has a blog/site, and was nice enough to let me pick and poke at his edited version of PixGallery ver 0.1.8 from here

I took Jamie’s edited version and replaced pixgallery.css and pixgallery.js with the official version or pixgallery files.

I also edited this:
In pixgallery.php I commented out the “PixGallery_LayerCode”.
In pixgallery.php I commented out “add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘PixGallery_LayerCode’);”
In pixgallery.js I changed “ = (Cursor.Y + 5) + “px”;” to
“ = (Cursor.Y – 100) + “px”;” to make the image popup a little higher. Although, this seems to be a little unstable on first image popup.

I left all the plugin panel options defaulted, so your pictures need to be placed in: ex. /home/virtual/site24/fst/home/cote/p/images/photos/Japan

p/ is the root directory of my website/wordpress installation.

An example of my cache directory is here:

You may need to create your cache directories and subdirectories manually. I had some difficulties with this, but it seems to be working now. ex.

Again, p/ is the root directory of my website/wordpress installation, yours will be different.

Place this code in your post or page <pixgallery></pixgallery>
You may place a readme.txt file in each picture subdirectory so you may add a header to each collection.

Some problems:

Seems to breaks on images greater than 1024 regardless of what you set in the plugin control panel. All my pictures are resampled to 800×600 before uploading.

Place this code in a post for a simple image popup:
<img src=”/images/photos/Japan/DCP004572.jpg” width=”400″ class=”usePixGallery” alt=”” title=”(click to enlarge)”
onclick=”javascript:PixGallery_ImagePopupLayer(‘/images/photos/Japan/DCP004572.jpg’, 800, 600, ”, this);” />

Obviously, you need to change the “/images/photos/Japan/DCP004572.jpg” to something that exists in your /images/photos/example directory.

Here is a copy of my pixgallery setup.

Thanks to Jamie Reid and Nathan Moinvaziri! Here is my gallery: Pictures

Here is a example of a stand alone picture (click the picture):

*UPDATE* – I no longer use Pixgalley 🙁 I now use Lightbox2 written by Lokesh Dhakar. The wordpress plugin can be found here. This plugin works very well with the popular Slickr Gallery plugin for WordPress.

ZoneEdit setup with Inadyn (dynamic DNS update client)

Some notes if you intend to use Inadyn with ZoneEdit (this assumes you finished step 1 from the official web page and you have ZoneEdit and your domain is setup correctly):

Edit and use the “configure_inadyn_service_freedns” file.
(disregard or delete the other .reg file)

Replace “,PASTE_HASH_HERE” with your host and domain you have configured with ZoneEdit, ex.

Replace “” with “”

Add “–username myzoneeditname –password myzoneeditpassword” Place this entry right after “–update_period 60000”

Change “E:FULL_PATH_TO_INADYNinadyninadyn.exe” to the location of inadyn.exe, ex. C:Program FilesZoneEditwin32inadyn.exe

Save this, then double click on it to load these values into your registry.

You will then need to click on “install_inadyn_service”

Go to ControlPanel/AdministrativeTools/Services/inadyn and START the service. Also make sure that the startup mode is ‘automatic’.

Then check the log to see if it worked here: C:WINDOWSsystem32inadyn_srv.log

Here is an example of my “configure_inadyn_service_freedns” file (minus the sensitive information 🙂

“Application”=”C:Program FilesZoneEditwin32inadyn.exe”
“AppParameters”=”–dyndns_system –background –update_period 60000 –username dholden –password xxxxxx –alias –log_file inadyn_srv.log”

The official support forum for Inadyn is inaccessible.

I have a copy of Inadyn configured and ready to rock (see README.txt) here.