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New Version of Inadyn 1.96.2

Ver. 1.96.2 – 12 March 2007
– If the Dynamic DNS server responds with an error Inadyn will abort. This will prevent further retries with wrong dyndns credentials.
– Default port number included in the request, to support the requests via Proxy, to ports different than 80.
– Simplified main inadyn update loop function. (there was no bug there)

It can be downloaded here.

ZoneEdit setup with Inadyn (dynamic DNS update client)

Some notes if you intend to use Inadyn with ZoneEdit (this assumes you finished step 1 from the official web page and you have ZoneEdit and your domain is setup correctly):

Edit and use the “configure_inadyn_service_freedns” file.
(disregard or delete the other .reg file)

Replace “,PASTE_HASH_HERE” with your host and domain you have configured with ZoneEdit, ex.

Replace “” with “”

Add “–username myzoneeditname –password myzoneeditpassword” Place this entry right after “–update_period 60000”

Change “E:FULL_PATH_TO_INADYNinadyninadyn.exe” to the location of inadyn.exe, ex. C:Program FilesZoneEditwin32inadyn.exe

Save this, then double click on it to load these values into your registry.

You will then need to click on “install_inadyn_service”

Go to ControlPanel/AdministrativeTools/Services/inadyn and START the service. Also make sure that the startup mode is ‘automatic’.

Then check the log to see if it worked here: C:WINDOWSsystem32inadyn_srv.log

Here is an example of my “configure_inadyn_service_freedns” file (minus the sensitive information 🙂

“Application”=”C:Program FilesZoneEditwin32inadyn.exe”
“AppParameters”=”–dyndns_system –background –update_period 60000 –username dholden –password xxxxxx –alias –log_file inadyn_srv.log”

The official support forum for Inadyn is inaccessible.

I have a copy of Inadyn configured and ready to rock (see README.txt) here.