Dell Vostro 1000 SDHC Driver

I was left scratching my head after a 4G SD memory card came up as RAW formated when I inserted into my wife’s brand new Dell Vostro 1000 laptop. Windows wanted me to format the card. Knowing that the card had no pictures left on it, I proceeded to format the card. That was a huge mistake.

It formated the card as FAT32. Before I formated the card, it worked flawless in the camera and other SD card slots and USB SD adapters. It came up as FAT32 in the other devices. Why wouldn’t the brand new laptop recognize the SD card and show it as RAW formated?! And now, since I formated it with the new laptop, the card would not work in the camera anymore! BUT, the Vostro could see the SD memory without any problems now…

I tried to format the card inside the camera. I kept getting a memory and disc error. I formated the card in another PC with a USB SD adapter. The card would work fine in all computers, including the Vostro, but now the camera couldn’t see it.

I did some searching and found this life saver of a utility: SD Memory Card Formatting Software from Panasonic

From their web site “Generally, SD/SDHC Memory Card file systems formatted with generic operating system formatting software do not comply with the SD Memory Card specification.”

Caught red handed…

After I did a “Full Format” with the above utility, the camera could see the memory and all was well, or was it…

I then went back to the Dell Vostro laptop and plugged in the SD card directly and I got the same message! It wanted to format the card and the format of the device came up as RAW! Also, my brand new SDHC 8G memory card didn’t work in the Vostro either.

I did some more digging and found the SD Host Controller was running on an old Microsoft driver from 2001. I went to Dell’s support site and found new drivers, “Chip Set: Ricoh R5C832, R5C833, R5C843, Driver, Windows 2000, Windows Vista 32-bit, Windows XP, Multi Language, Multi System, v.1.0.1, A00” – R141246.EXE

I installed this new update and it found that my drivers were already up to date. 2001 is NOT an updated driver in my book. On closer inspection I found that the Dell driver only included drivers for xD, MS, and MMC. Where is my SD driver? I then dug around for a new driver and found this. Here is the new drivers. Here is just the drivers minus the executables for all you nervous nancy’s out there.

I did not use the setup program. I updated the driver directly from the device manager. I found the SD Host Controller and updated the driver manually. Now the driver is from 2006 and all is well. I can plug in the 4G SD card directly into the Vostro and it works. I can plug in my 8G SDHC card and it works now too.

Use these drivers at your own risk and hopefully Dell will post updated SD drivers soon for all laptop users. Dell uses Ricoh R5C8xx chips in:

Inspiron 1501
Inspiron 640m / E1405
Inspiron 9400/E1705
Inspiron 1420
Inspiron 1520
Inspiron 1521
Inspiron 1720
Inspiron 1721
Inspiron 6400/E1505
Latitude D420
Latitude 131L
Dell Precision Mobile WorkStation M90
Vostro Notebook 1000
Vostro Notebook 1400
Vostro Notebook 1500
Vostro Notebook 1700
XPS M1210
XPS M1330
XPS/Inspiron M140/630m
XPS M1710
XPS M2010

Good luck.

106 thoughts on “Dell Vostro 1000 SDHC Driver

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  2. Chris

    Thanks, this helped me immensely! Downloading the latest driver (as of 1/22/08 Windows XP) for my vostro 1400 didn’t solve this problem so I’m glad i came across your site. After loading the drivers from the “SD” folder in the zip, I was able to have my 4GB Micro SDHC card get recognized in XP.

    THanks Dude!

  3. Curt

    Sweet, thanks man! Dell’s Ricoh drivers always sucked and people are having problem reading SD’s cards because of this. I never knew that dell never actually updated the SD driver. Go figure! That would explain a lot of things. Thanks!

  4. nomo

    Thank you for the link. I found your blog through

    My desktop isn’t on the list of compatible computers. Do you have any idea where I could find an SDHC driver for the XPS 410/Dimension 9200? I’ve talked to Dell tech support twice and they do not know.

  5. Cote

    Nomo, try this, even though it’s not on the list (I assume you use Win XP)…

    1) Create a system restore point (to be safe)

    2) Download the zip file I created in the above post.

    3) Unzip them, open the Device Manager and locate your SD device. Right click the device and select properties. Select “Update Driver”

    4) Select “No, not this time”
    Click Next
    Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
    Click Next
    Select “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.
    Click Next
    Click “Have Disk”
    From there, browse to the directory you just unzipped and search for the “SD” directory.

    5) Now, this is the part where Windows will tell you whether or not the driver is compatible. If it is, install it. If it isn’t, don’t.

    If the driver is incompatible, you can try this other convoluted way of patching Windows XP to allow for SDHC support:

    Read bogdan2’s post here

    My old old Acer (Aspire 2100) laptop has an SD card slot, but in reality it’s an external USB memory reader that embedded into the laptop. So when I plug in the SD card my laptop treats it as a USB SD mass storage device. So there are no drivers involved and there is no way for me to update the driver or fool it into using SDHC cards. If you have such a device in your computer, then you may be out of luck.

    Let me know how you make out.

  6. Adi

    Thanks a lot. Finally, after weeks of frustration my Dell Inspiron 9400 can now read 4GB SDHC cards. I am curious though, how come Dell themselves are incapable of coming with a working driver.

  7. Cote

    Jim, save your self some effort and use Windows System Restore. Boot into SAFEMODE first, then use System Restore. On any driver installation, windows will create a restore point.

    Was your card reader working before you installed the drivers?

    When you said, “tried the zip file”, are you able to manually update the drivers, if so, did Windows tell you the hardware was incompatible?

  8. Jim

    My card reader was working fine before. When I tried the zip file manually windows did not say it was incompatible nor did it say it was compatitble. Will try the safe mode rollback.

  9. Cote

    Jim, if you intend to do a System Restore just make certain you boot into Safemode first. I have never EVER been able to use System Restore unless I initiated the restore from Safemode.

    Also, when you “tried the zip file manually”, what exact steps did you use? Look at the steps in my above comments on how to manually update the driver. If you have never manually updated a driver from the device manager, it’s not as easy as just clicking on the zip file.

    Steps for manually updating driver.

  10. gmacd

    Worked fine on my Inspiron 9400. I had replaced Vista with XP and this is the only driver I didn’t get from Dell.

    thanks very much for your time and effort on this – saved me plenty.


  11. Martin

    I had the same problem with my Samsung X20 laptop and Windows XP Home. First the card reader wouldn’t see the SDHC card (4GB from Toshiba) at all. After installing the Dell drivers, the card reader would see the card, but was saying in was not formatted, though I already used it for some time in my Canon PowerShot where it worked great. That’s where I formatted the card. Thanks to your warning, I did NOT format it on Windows, but instead manually updated the Ricoh CD Card driver with the SD drivers. XP almost instantly recognized the card after that. Thanks for your help, that really made my day!

  12. Kman

    Thanks very much for your efforts! The new driver was exactly what I was looking for, for my Dell Vostro 1500.

    Let’s hope Dell get’s their act together and updates the drivers.

  13. Tushar

    I tried what you told but still didn’t work. I want to read micro SDHC not SDHC though. Also tried what Bogdan suggested, didn’t work. I’m usnig inspiron 630m with XP home. Anythig I can dot to read micro SDHC? I have a SDHC adapter which goes in USB slot. I can read a 64MB micro SDHC card that way but not 4GB micro SDHC. The my computer page just freezes when I put in 4GB card.

  14. Cote

    Well, this driver only effects the on board SD slot on your laptop. It has nothing to do with USB memory card readers that you are talking about. USB card readers generally do not use drivers. They appear as mass storage devices to the computer or laptop.

    As far as your USB card reader is concerned, you need to make certain that it supports SDHC cards. It sounds to me that your USB card reader doesn’t support SDHC OR there is a manufacturer compatibility problem.

    I do recognize one inconsistency in your situation. I have never heard of a 64MB micro-SDHC card. I have only heard of 64M micro-SD cards. It sounds to me like your USB adapter only supports micro-SD memory. Go out and buy a new micro-SDHC card reader if that’s the case. Good luck.

  15. Asa

    I can’t seem to get it to read my new microsdhc card with the included sd adapter Windows just does not think there is a disk in the drive even though the drive shows up when i open my computer . I tried using the microsdhc card in an older micro sd adapter and the card gets read by my vostro 1000 reader (with the updated drivers) but it does not have enough speed to run readyboost (which it should if its a class 6 card). It still shows up as a 4gb card and I can transfer files perfectly. I used a USB sdhc adapter with the microsdhc card and its included adapter, and it worked fine and showed that it was readboost capable. So from all of this, I know that theres nothing wrong with the microsdhc card and its included adapter, but there might be someting wrong with the reader and/or the drivers. Any clues?

  16. GBS

    Excellent find! Thanks a bunch, I never thought I would have been able to get my Dell Ispiron E1405 card reader to recognize my SDHC card. This driver package is great!

  17. Cote

    That’s very odd. From your testing, there doesn’t seem to be any reason why it shouldn’t work. Your hunch maybe be correct though.
    1. I really don’t know what the difference is with your included SD adapter and your older micro SD adapter, but that sticks out as a bit odd since the adpters look and act the same way, no?
    2. I don’t think these drivers were specifically written with Vista in mind so that might be part of the problem.
    3. Does Readyboost, by design, not run on Micro SD cards for some odd reason? Is Vista or the driver reporting that the cards is slower than it actually is, where as the USB adapter doesn’t report this info to the OS? I don’t know enough about Vista or Readyboost.
    Let us know if you get it working. Sorry, I can’t be of anymore help.
    Does this effect you: Here

  18. linden boyd

    I followed your instructions but when I put a 2GB disk in my Dell 1405 it asks me if i want to format it. [No I dont]

    In Device Manager
    under disk drives I have: a Richo SD Disk Device [driver 7/1/2001 version: 5.1.2535.0]

    under IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers I have: A Ricoh SD Host Controller 12/20/2006 version

  19. Cote

    The Disk Drive device, “Ricoh Disk Device” will appear when an SDHC card is plugged in with that above driver date. My laptop does the same thing.

    Now, does that card work fine in other devices (camera or SDHC USB adapter)? Maybe it really needs to be formated? If you have the SD Memory Card Formatting Software from Panasonic, you can always reformat it back to spec. Also, does your computer want to format any SD card you place in the drive, not just SDHC cards? Good luck.

  20. linden boyd


    Yes the sd 2GB card has files that work in my treo and camera and a sd card reader.

    When I put in 2GB card into Dell slot it only wants to format the 2GB. I can put a 1GB in the Dell slot and it reads fine.


    Also, does the driver you referrence only work with Vista? My Dell E1405 is on Windows XP.


  21. Nyxs Optare

    Thank you for this fix. I was having major problems with one of our shareholder’s D420 laptop computers not identifying the SD card. This worked great!

  22. Cote

    Linden, that’s very odd. If you are feeling a bit dangerous, I would:
    1) Back up your files that are on your 2GB SD.
    2) Format the card in Windows.
    3) See if it all still works in all devices and windows
    4) Restore files, and again, see if it works in all devices and windows.

    If that doesn’t work, then it’s a bit beyond the scope of this blog/thread since we are talking about SDHC cards and not SD cards.

    I would then:
    1) Use the above Panasonic formating software or try to format the card in your camera or Treo.
    2) Restore your files
    3) Try different a different 2GB flash brand.

    This driver is for XP. I don’t know if it works on Vista. Good luck.

  23. jD

    Thanks for posting this, I am using a Dell Inspiron 6400 and the post with the outline of what to do was the silver bullet…THANKYOU!!. I am pasting it again here:

    1) Create a system restore point (to be safe)

    2) Download the zip file I created in the above post.

    3) Unzip them, open the Device Manager and locate your SD device. Right click the device and select properties. Select “Update Driver”

    4) Select “No, not this time”
    Click Next
    Select “Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)
    Click Next
    Select “Don’t search. I will choose the driver to install.
    Click Next
    Click “Have Disk”
    From there, browse to the directory you just unzipped and search for the “SD” directory.

    5) Now, this is the part where Windows will tell you whether or not the driver is compatible. If it is, install it. If it isn’t, don’t.

  24. dyna

    Thanks for these drivers, was looking for it aswell.

    I also had problems with one wrong driver and one missing driver when i got and installed my vostro 1700 with XP some months ago. Got the correct ones from the vostro 1400 page. Come’on dell, wake up, this is not what one expects from a company like dell.

  25. Jaap

    This driver was really helpful, my Dell Inspiron 1520 failed to see my 8 Gb SDHC card, 1 and 2 Gb SD cards were no problem.

    With your driver installed XP initialized the card right away!


  26. Eric

    Wow Cote. Thanks for the update and providing us the link to the drivers. I was having trouble reading SDHC cards on my Inspiron 1505 until I found this post. I updated the Ricoh device and I am able to see the 4GB SDHC card.

  27. Gopal

    My Dell Inspiron 1525 w/ Core 2 Duo Originally with Windows Vista was not reading any SDHC cards at all when downgraded to XP Professional with the drivers provided online on Dell’s website. But with the E1007029.exe, it started working just fine. Thanks for all the information! Keep up the good work.

  28. aqlim

    Hi! i have the ptoblem in my Dell inspiron 710m is no recognizing my toshiba SDHC memory card.

    i just need some help here.sounds very easy but im so dumb in computer stuff..

    from the comment above on manual instruction on

    “Unzip them, open the Device Manager and locate your SD device. Right click the device ”

    which one is The device i tried disk drive.flash memory devices..its not working. may i know which device i should update?


  29. Lorenzo

    Worked flawlessly in Inspiron 6400 with a Kingston SDHC card 4GB class 4.

    I was wondering why it worked naturally with an Acer laptop running ubuntu and not with my Dell under WinXP Home.

    Really thanks for this step by step.

  30. Steve

    Hey, cheers for doing the hard work on our behalf. Awesome find. I would have had no idea to look for this. It seems to all be working now – formatting as I speak!

    My problem was; when I put in a standard (not SDHC) 4GB card it would tell me that it’s an SD card, tell me it needed formating, but get nowhere when I tried to format. As soon as the new driver was installed it recognised the card. Doesn’t even seem to need formating now, although I’m doing one of them just to see what happens.

    For anyone’s info, I’ve got an Inspiron 1501 (not the best, still looking for a graphics driver that works!). I did as was suggested – “I did not use the setup program. I updated the driver directly from the device manager. I found the SD Host Controller and updated the driver manually” and had no problems. Thanks again.

  31. Cote

    Steve, glad to here everything is fine. I wanted give you some tips about your video driver. As you know, many laptop manufacturers NEVER update their display drivers. If you own a Nvidia or ATI/AMD based video adapter, you’ll notice that even though you own their product, they will not provide you with drivers. They just refer you to the laptop manufacturers web site. Anyhow, provides you with the reference drivers which are the latest and greatest for your display adapter. Give it a try, I have used it on all my laptops without a problem. Use them at your own risk however, and always do a backup and create a system restore point to be safe.

  32. Rohit Verma

    If anybody can help, my Inspiron E1405 won’t read my card despite having the latest driver. If anybody can help, it would be very appreciated.

  33. hcube

    Very usefull thinks. I try this driver on my Dell 500 under WinXP, before installation, it reads only SD, not SDHC cards. After – all works! Big thanks for instruction!

  34. Srinivas

    I have Dell inspiron E1405 Laptop and I am not able to access the 4 GB SDHC in my laptop. Its not detecting the card at all.
    I follow the above steps given by Cote and still my system is not able to read the SDHC. My system is on Windows XP only.
    Pl help me to find the solution for the same.


  35. Kevin W.

    I installed update on my Inspiron 6000 and seemed to be a miracle, but when I tried to open the card to put stuff on it, it says, “please insert disk in drive E:” even though it now shows the card as drive E: when I stick it in. When I try and format it, it will only allow me to use FAT (not FAT32) and will only allow me to format a capacity of 512 bytes. Any suggestions?

  36. Satohi

    Great article. I actually had a similar problem w/ Dell E1505 (WinXP) not reading my SDHC card or my husband’s SD card while I had no problem reading memory from my Memory Stick Pro Duo (w/ the adapter). The weird thing was that my husband’s E1505 could read the card and we bought them at the same time w/ the same specs, etc. In any case, your solution worked fabulously. Thanks again!

  37. richard

    hi , same problem as kevin w.

    can now see the icon and drive but cannot access it.

    shows as fat and only512 when its a 16 gb card ?

    any help greatly appreciated.

    kevin , did u manage to crack it ?

  38. Artis

    Thank you so much !! I allready lost a hope to solve my probloem on XP. I new it isn`t hardware, becouse on my notebook with win7 installed, the SDHC worked.., but nowhere could not find driver for XP.
    Final note: works for Samsung R50 !! 🙂

  39. David

    The E1007029.exe driver worked perfectly on my Dell Vostro 1000 with Windows XP Home SP2.
    My Sandisk 8GB Ultra II SDHC card wasn’t recognized all in the onboard slot before, but after downloading this driver and using Device Manager to update, the card now works perfectly.

    Thanks so much!

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  41. Andre


    Installed Windows 7 Enterprise Edition in a Dell Latitude D420, and SD reader was just recognizing normal SD cards but wasn’t able to format them.

    Now with this drivers it works like a charm with SD and SDHC cards.

    Thanks for this.

  42. Bill Patterson

    Thank you so much for your post. I had the exact same problem with my Dell Vostro 1000 and a 16gb SDHC card for my Panasonic camera. Followed your instructions and fixed problem!

    I would not of had a clue how to do this without your help.

    Thanks Again!.


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  44. Zaf

    I generally use Google a lot to solve my system related problems. This is
    one such problem i just face and also solved Bcoz of this wonderful post.
    I purchased brand new Cannon sd 780 digital elf camera along with Transcend 4GB card. Took 4 shots thought of viewing them in laptop.
    I have DELL VOSTRO 1400 2008 model , ‘VISTA Home premium SP1, x-86 or 32 bit’
    OOPPss.. The memory card needs to be Formatted…
    I thought i was cheated on memory card. But No.. problem is with card reader..
    Looke din google for about 24 hours..
    This problem is not new but still no proper solution…
    Tried different drivers suggested in different forums..
    No Luck
    then i looke dhere @ Anticraft..
    I donno your name but You DID a AWESOME JOB.
    You hard work two years ago.. is till reaping good results and helping a lot.
    Thank You
    Thank You
    Thanks a lot

    I used RICHO SD HOST CONTROLLER. And manually updated the driver through Device manager.



  45. Aniala Miscellaneous

    You. You saved me and my work. After having had to reformat my laptop in a panicked emergency (nasty nasty network/CPU hijacking spambot virus that I could not rid my machine of), it took me a while to get my bearings back and reinstall everything. it wasn’t until nearly a couple weeks later, I decided to resume my photo work. I had forgotten to backup my camera’s card. I did not initially think this was a big deal until when I went to gather the data from my card… it would not recognize that the card was even in the slot. I had opened my machine up to clean the fans recently so I considered the possibility that I may had forgotten to connect something. After much frustration and not having found any disconnected ports… I closed up shop and turned the computer on again… It still didn’t work. It was at this moment that I remembered where I had placed my old SD cards. I tested them against my SDHC and low and behold… each of them, minus the SDHC, was recognized and worked flawlessly. I scoured the web for data recovery programs the two I tried…they were unable to read the card… I was almost ready to accept that years of photos…years of experiences…years of raw data were lost to the corrupted drive gods. Almost. As a last ditch effort, I woefully googled for a possible third party driver for what I had previously assumed was take care of by dell, fairly certain that I would not find any answers…

    I happened upon your blog. I downloaded the executable. (I am a semi nervous nancy who scans her executable prior to engaging them. hehe) Within five minutes, including the reboot, I gently slipped the previously unreadable card into the slot, crossed my fingers, looked toward the sky and hoped. When the tone of drive recognition sounded, tears of joy welled in my eyes. Some five hours after the desire to get some real work done had hit me… I am finally able to get to it… Of course, now that I am done with all of that… I’m going to procrastinate a bit… but… that is not the point. lol.

    Thank you for your help. 🙂

  46. Kristoffero

    Thanks for good tip!

    Works with my inspiron 1720 🙂 I had problem with card 4GB SD (not sdhc)
    Now all kind of cards works including SDHC


  47. 李松

    I downloaded the driver, install and get blue screen, when i going to safe mode, it shows the driver has already installed. Back to normal windows, insert the card, no luck,
    i read the comments here, everyone works like charm, go to my computers again, my card shows there!


    Sadly the speed is 6x slower than my external usb card reader… =(

  48. Donnie

    after buying a new andoid phone , and a 32 gig microSD card , wound up sending one back on my second card atm , and still problems , thought it was something causing it on an older system , i also have a Dell Vostro 1700 . Reformatted system , and still nothing , so i did some googling , and found this , i am in the middle of other intalls atm , but if it works like everyone else says , DUDE !!!!! , THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!!!! i was wondering why at the time was a higher end laptop wouldn’t read these cards , it actually shows it is there , but only allows me to transfer about 2 gigs worth of files on it .  I am so glad you have posted these files for us .

    My Google search was “dell vostro 1700 32gig microSD read problems”

    so maybe others will hit the tag right with their searches are close to what i did .

    man , thanks again ,
           Donnie from East Tennessee

  49. Michael

    Thanks. Just what I needed to get a dell d420 to use sdhc cards (instead of just smaller sd cards) after install with win xp sp2. SP2 was the only disk I had. I don’t know if SP3 has the right driver.

  50. Ross

    Just worked on my Inspiron 15R which formally would not read 16GB SDHC cards. (Machine only bought 6months ago…poor from DELL to not ship with up-to-date drivers!)

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