ZoneEdit setup with Inadyn (dynamic DNS update client)

Some notes if you intend to use Inadyn with ZoneEdit (this assumes you finished step 1 from the official web page and you have ZoneEdit and your domain is setup correctly):

Edit and use the “configure_inadyn_service_freedns” file.
(disregard or delete the other .reg file)

Replace “,PASTE_HASH_HERE” with your host and domain you have configured with ZoneEdit, ex.

Replace “” with “”

Add “–username myzoneeditname –password myzoneeditpassword” Place this entry right after “–update_period 60000”

Change “E:FULL_PATH_TO_INADYNinadyninadyn.exe” to the location of inadyn.exe, ex. C:Program FilesZoneEditwin32inadyn.exe

Save this, then double click on it to load these values into your registry.

You will then need to click on “install_inadyn_service”

Go to ControlPanel/AdministrativeTools/Services/inadyn and START the service. Also make sure that the startup mode is ‘automatic’.

Then check the log to see if it worked here: C:WINDOWSsystem32inadyn_srv.log

Here is an example of my “configure_inadyn_service_freedns” file (minus the sensitive information 🙂

“Application”=”C:Program FilesZoneEditwin32inadyn.exe”
“AppParameters”=”–dyndns_system –background –update_period 60000 –username dholden –password xxxxxx –alias –log_file inadyn_srv.log”

The official support forum for Inadyn is inaccessible.

I have a copy of Inadyn configured and ready to rock (see README.txt) here.