PixGallery for Unix

Having trouble with PixGallery? I’m a noob, but I was able to flail my way through it and get it working…

Jamie Reid who has a blog/site, http://lonelyfridge.com/ and was nice enough to let me pick and poke at his edited version of PixGallery ver 0.1.8 from here jamie_pixgallery.zip

I took Jamie’s edited version and replaced pixgallery.css and pixgallery.js with the official version http://nathanm.com/index.php/pixgallery or pixgallery 0.2.6.zip files.

I also edited this:
In pixgallery.php I commented out the “PixGallery_LayerCode”.
In pixgallery.php I commented out “add_action(‘wp_footer’, ‘PixGallery_LayerCode’);”
In pixgallery.js I changed “PopupLayer.style.top = (Cursor.Y + 5) + “px”;” to
“PopupLayer.style.top = (Cursor.Y – 100) + “px”;” to make the image popup a little higher. Although, this seems to be a little unstable on first image popup.

I left all the plugin panel options defaulted, so your pictures need to be placed in: ex. /home/virtual/site24/fst/home/cote/p/images/photos/Japan

p/ is the root directory of my website/wordpress installation.

An example of my cache directory is here:

You may need to create your cache directories and subdirectories manually. I had some difficulties with this, but it seems to be working now. ex.

Again, p/ is the root directory of my website/wordpress installation, yours will be different.

Place this code in your post or page <pixgallery></pixgallery>
You may place a readme.txt file in each picture subdirectory so you may add a header to each collection.

Some problems:

Seems to breaks on images greater than 1024 regardless of what you set in the plugin control panel. All my pictures are resampled to 800×600 before uploading.

Place this code in a post for a simple image popup:
<img src=”/images/photos/Japan/DCP004572.jpg” width=”400″ class=”usePixGallery” alt=”” title=”(click to enlarge)”
onclick=”javascript:PixGallery_ImagePopupLayer(‘/images/photos/Japan/DCP004572.jpg’, 800, 600, ”, this);” />

Obviously, you need to change the “/images/photos/Japan/DCP004572.jpg” to something that exists in your /images/photos/example directory.

Here is a copy of my pixgallery setup.


Thanks to Jamie Reid and Nathan Moinvaziri! Here is my gallery: Pictures

Here is a example of a stand alone picture (click the picture):

*UPDATE* – I no longer use Pixgalley 🙁 I now use Lightbox2 written by Lokesh Dhakar. The wordpress plugin can be found here. This plugin works very well with the popular Slickr Gallery plugin for WordPress.