Roku XDS Component Cable

Thanks to a Roku forum user for this one:

Part number CRE-ZVM-AV-STR sold from ITDirec ships for less than $4.00.

It’s a Creative Zen video cable, but the pin out is the same as the pricey component cable sold from Roku.

The original post is here.

You will need to plug the cables in according to this chart:

The RED RCA jack goes to Y or GREEN RCA input
The WHITE RCA jack goes to Pb or BLUE RCA input
The YELLOW RCA jack goes to Pr or RED RCA input

The above chart and cable are just for component video. You will also need to use either the RCA stereo audio cables that came with your XDS or connect to your TV or receiver with your own digital audio cable.

Pinout information here is:
1 = Ground, 2 = Red, 3 = Blue, 4 = Green. Also verified that it is the same as the component cable supplied with the WD TV Live and Live+ units. For reference, pin 1 being closest to the jacket and pin 4 being the tip of the jack.

See picture and more information on the pin out here:

4 thoughts on “Roku XDS Component Cable

  1. Andrew

    Note: Component connection on the Roku only outputs 720p/480p. It will NOT output 480i. Check that your television set will play 720p/480p before purchasing this wire.

  2. Anonymous

    I ordered 2 of the CRE-ZVM-AV-STR cable from United Integral Temple City, CA .  I came with red, white and blue labels.  Really low price $6.58 shipped first class mail.  So here is the matchup audio is Blue(labeled video) is for the RED connection, red (Audio) is for the GREEN connection and white(Audio) is the Blue connection.

  3. Rosy

    I purchased this cable from ITDirec; however they are now shipping a similar cable which has Red, White, and Blue RCA  colors.  This cable didn’t work with my Roku box, and I even exchanged the box for another one.  I eventually had to purchase the one from Roku, which seems to have a longer tip.   I haven’t tried plugging it in yet, but beware that the ITDirec cable may not work because you can’t plug it in far enough.  

    BTW, Roku is now selling the component cable standalone for $10 – you don’t have to buy the HDMI with it anymore.

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