How to export passwords from Password Corral into KeePass

These instructions assume you generally know what you are doing and are somewhat familiar with Password Corral and KeePass.

1) Export all passwords in Password Corral using the F3 key, or “File” -> “Export Passwords…”
2) Make certain you use “Create a plain text export of all password data” option when exporting your passwords.

Download the script package “Convert To KeePass 1.x CSV”:
located here

3) Run “ConvertPWC.vbs” from the file.

USE ONLY KEEPASS-1.17, also known as the Classic Edition.

4) Launch KeePass-1.17 (attn: you may have to create a database first if this is the first time you are using KeePass) and use the “File” -> “Import From” ->

“CSV File” and select the output file from the “ConvertPWC” script. The file will be called

And that’s it! You’re done. From here you can export or import that database from 1.17 into later version of KeePass such as 2.10, also know as the Professional Edition.

I found good info here: