Dell XPS Gen 1 CPU Fan Failure

One of my CPU fans failed on my Dell XPS. It’s the original XPS 3ghz.

The computer has two CPU fans that don’t actually sit on the CPU, but are mounted to the case. The CPU and two fans are then covered by a huge plastic molding. The CPU fans are not regular case fans. I think they have a thermistor on each of them. They are controlled by temperature and spin up as the temperature goes up.

I had a hard time finding replacements and when Dell gave me a price quote it was for over $60 for two fans with shipping and taxes. Dell gave me a part number as:

Assembly,Bracket,Fan,92MMX38MMTMD (0U231)

Now, the make/part number on the Fan is actually:

Nidec Beta V
Model: M35105-58 G3DEL

12 V DC 1.8 A

With a little searching I found this tread:

I went on Ebay and searched for Dell Precision 650 and found this:

$17 is a bit cheaper than $60 and I got two fans! I’ll save the other fan if I ever need another replacement.

I’m sure other generations of the XPS can use this same fan. Good luck.