Plays for Sure, Winamp 5.25, and My Dell DJ

Winamp released a beta version of Winamp 5.25 that supports full and seamless integration with Play for Sure devices and some older Creative MP3 players. The general support for Plays for Sure has been integrated into Winamp since late February of this year, but is has been SEVERELY lacking.

Now you can copy music from your MP3 player and play music right off it through Winamp. Playlist manipulation is seamless from both your local playlist to and from your MP3 player. Feel free to edit your tags and meta data on any of your music files too. It’s such a huge welcome considering how unstable Red Chair Software’s Deubox is for my Dell DJ 30G. It breathes new life into Dell’s prematurely discontinued Dell DJ product line. It’s nice to see non-ipod users getting some love also.