D-Link DI-604 Firmware rev. E

Here are the firmware files and release notes for dlink di-604 rev E:

* Updated DDNS screen and request.
* Updated PPPoE WAN settings.
* Applied minor Grammar corrections

* Fixed DoS issue.
* Improved DDNS Update Agent.
* Improved NTP functionality.
* Added countdown to firmware upgrade process.

* Resolved UPnP issue
* Resolved Zone Alarm issues
* Updated help files with Zone Alarm information

* Add WAN speed selection option – defaults to 10Mbps
* Fixed dial on demand/idle time issue
* Fixed Asheron Call II reboot issue
* Fixed Static DHCP/MAC filter clone issue
* Fixed Virtual Server entry issue

* Fixed minor GUI issues

* Locks the WAN port speed to 10 Mbps
* Same firmware as 3.20. Use only if you are having connectivity issues with your modem.


VDI-604 firmware for Verizon Fios can be found here.

Rev. A, B, C for the DI-604 can be found here:


The files above were hosted from the old Canadian site. I have removed those broken links and created local links. I recommend going to support.dlink.com for the latest drivers.

I accidentally installed the VDI-604 firmware on my DI-604. When I tried to installed the latest and greatest firmware, 3.52, I kept getting an error message that the file was not compatible. The solution is to crash your router. When you crash your router it boots into a firmware upgrade mode. This allowed me to install 3.52.

Hold down the rest button for 10-20 seconds until the router lights go out. Quickly pull out and put back in the power cord. When you login the router will display a small dialog box to browse for your firmware. It may take a few tries and I have not tested this on any other routers other than a few Dlink 604s. Let me know if it works on other models.

*Update: Directions to crash the router can be found here.

*Update: I removed the dead links and added the newest firmware, 3.53. Dlink support in the US and Canada no longer host the older versions of the firmwares. They also do not host ANY rev A, B, or C firmwares. Thanks to FastEddie and ErikaD from DSLReports for snagging the files before they went extinct.

18 thoughts on “D-Link DI-604 Firmware rev. E

  1. William Gunn

    Question, i got my d link router from verizon, but they have not updated their firmware for about 3 years, can i do that crash thing and get the updated firmware? Can i save my settings to my computer and upload them after? And i have a Rev E2, most have E3, does this make a difference?

  2. Cote

    Well, I assume you are talking about the VDI-604. The VDI firmware is specially built for Verizon FIOS TV and has QoS and other internal enhancements that the DI-604 firmware does not. I don’t recommend changing the firmware if you have FIOS TV which uses the QoS and other stuff for your VOD titles.

    A few years ago I did take a VDI-604, crashed it, and installed the DI-604 firmware. So it *should* work if you really wanted to. However, I don’t think the latest DI-604 firmware will offer you any notable improvements other than making your VOD and internet act up.

    Verizon might offer you a new Actiontec router if the D-Link was to die on you. Although, the Actiontec has some drawbacks.

  3. William Gunn

    thanks for the info, i already have the actiontec router and it sucks, wireless is very slow and at a point, it just stops and i need to reset my laptop’s wireless card, The only reason why i keep it is to have VOD. Plus, actiontec didn’t work with my slingbox and my xbox 360, so although it has a alot of nice features, whats the point if the router can’t do anything useful.

  4. Cote

    Okay, so since you don’t use the D-Link as your main router (this would require a external NIM), then let the firmware flashing begin!

    On a side note, I would seriously recommend you get a DD-WRT based router and use this as your main router. The Actiontec can then be placed in bridge mode with the wireless turned off. Your VOD and guide will still work, and you can move away from being forced to use the Actiontec as the main router.

    Getting, installing, and using DD-WRT is not for novice users and placing the Actiontec in bridge mode is not exactly straight forward, but in the end you will be very happy with it.

    DD-WRT info:
    DD-WRT Wiki

    There are many ways to setup the bridge mode and it depends on if you are on a CAT5 install or a COAX install (ex. are you connected to the ONT via COAX or Cat5?) AND it depends if you want your actiontec to perform double NAT operation or have the Actiontec act as a simple switch with a bridge to the Moca interface.
    I like how this guy did it:
    See here

    He essentially connected his personal router directly to the ONT, then he set his Actiontec to act as a switch and bridge the Moca connection. This way the set top boxes still get their IPs from your personal router and NOT the actiontec (no double NAT).

    Here’s the main thread (it’s a very LONG read and covers many confirguations:
    Main Thread

    Here is a personal account of how bandwidth is increased when you order VOD:

  5. glenn

    i just bought a d-link di-604 but my problem is my net speed slowed down and i think a firmware update would fix it. my major problem is i can’t find a firmware update for H/W Ver.: F5
    F/W Ver.: 3.20 please help me

  6. Cote

    Since you are using hardware that I am not familiar with, I can’t give you a straight answer. I know that the old 604 router does not allow you to backup the router, but it does allow you to “crash” the router in the event that you have a bad firmware. If your hardware acts in the same manor, then you could perform that same steps in the event that you install incompatible firmware. See the instructions above on how to “crash” your router. I would suggest you try to “crash” your router first before trying to flash it with unofficial/untested firmware. Good luck. Let us know how you make out.

  7. Tom

    How do i update the firmware, i tried to do it with the d-link tool but then i got to give a directory to where to save it and i dont know which one.
    Also with this site i dont know how to instal them.
    Please help.
    kind regards

  8. Cote

    Tom, you may find some better help at Broadbandreports.com. It sounds to me like you are having some very basic computer questions and flashing your router may be above your current skill level. The above files assumes you know how to access your router via the web interface. There is no need to use the d-link tool. I have never used a d-link tool before so I can’t help you there.

  9. Cote

    Here is how to crash the router:

    Crash Recovery feature listed in D-Link’s knowledge base:

    Crash Recovery Print
    If you are experiencing router reboots, try using the crash recovery method and reflashing an earlier firmware. Download the firmware you wish to use from »support.dlink.com/downloads. To crash recover:

    Step 1 Unplug the power from the router. Hold in the reset button and plug the power back in. Continue holding for 10 seconds and then release.

    Step 2 Statically assign an IP address to your computer in the same IP subnet range: 192.168.0.x where x is any number between 2 and 254. Your Subnet Mask should be

    Step 3 Open Internet Explorer and browse to You should see the crash recovery page. Browse to the location of the firmware on your hard-drive and click the send button.

    Your router should now be stable and ready to configure.

  10. bashar

    i have d-link di-604 but the net too slow and the Current Firmware Version: V3.20
    Firmware Date: Sat, Dec 01 2006 is there more to do

    i install all of these files but it didnt taken any of ..invalid upgrade file …HELP

  11. CodeLurker

    I have a di-604, and on the bottom, it says model di-604 … E3. I am running an old version of firefox in a sandbox, and the upgrade wouldn’t work.  What did work was installing from an unsandboxed IE8, first 3.52, and then upgrading to 3.53.  This update is the real deal!

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